Katherine Grossfeld

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​I believe in the power of beauty. Experiencing art in our daily lives gives us peace, joy, and escape from chaos. The transcendence art allows us is rare and precious.

There is an egalitarian nature to still life that appeals to me. Objects act as surrogates for human experience, allowing every viewer to recognize him/herself in my work. Choosing familiar items from around the home, I arrange and rearrange them against a simple background, until a narrative suggests itself. These visual relationships imply human situations, express thoughts, or examine behaviors and beliefs. Once the composition is established, I adjust the lighting and paint through direct observation. As a painter dedicated to contemporary realism, 
I have always loved the challenges involved in drawing and painting from life. It is a constant journey of discovery.

When a painting is finished, I take pleasure in knowing that the narrative will be recreated and personalized by each viewer, 
as they view it through the lens of their own life experience 
and private associations.

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Katherine Grossfeld